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Our Story

Crystal Star Nursery is a small, family run nursery that values quality and selection above all else. We are a husband and wife duo, Ellen and Eric, who first started a Bonsai Nursery in 1987 out of years of admiration for bonsais fostered at a young age.  We then went on to discover the wonderfully beautiful world of orchids. Present day, we are now delving head first into the endless possibilities of various tropical plants. Crystal Star Nursery is the product of a pair of people who truly recognize and appreciate the beauty of growing gems of all shapes and sizes.

With over 30 years of growing experience, we have acquired an invaluable reserve of plant and horticulture knowledge.  We employ this in every aspect of the nursery’s operation lending to a standard of quality our customers have come to expect. Throughout the years we have declined requests to supply big box stores as we felt mass production would compromise quality. From sourcing out rare plants, to hybridizing our very own orchids, our dedication to the industry is apparent.

Over the years, we developed a loyal customer base that was appreciative of our service, knowledge and product, so much so they encouraged us to expand our business to the online market. With little computer literacy and no experience in the world of social media we plunged into the unknown waters of the world wide web.

Expanding to the online market was both remarkable and overwhelming. Remarkable in that we discovered a whole community of like-minded plant lovers we didn’t know was out there.  Overwhelming in that the interest we received in our product was unforeseen. While we scrambled to continue maintaining the many plant babies in our care and fielding the new onslaught of inquires from plant lovers across Canada and abroad, we explored multiple avenues to provide the best service possible.

With the help of our daughter, Crystal, who works full time outside of the family business; we were able to begin an online store. Every spare moment we get together, she works with us to expand on the website’s available product and improve the company’s website and communications.

While we continue to grow plants and our company, we will ensure quality and selection remain our primary values as we endeavour to bring joy to plant lovers in the form of quality unique botanical treasures.

As we continue to discover and develop in the world of online business and work to expand on our second-to-none plant selection we encourage you treat us with the same respect you give your botanical treasures. Be patient and kind and grow with us…