Shipping CLOSED for the Winter. Accepting orders for Pick up at Nursery Only


We are out tending to your future plant babies at our nursery, which makes it hard to answer questions consistently in a timely fashion. To help serve you better we've created this FAQs page to help answer the most common questions. We encourage you to first look here for the answers to your questions here, if you are unable to find the answer then you can contact us by email at 


Do you offer shipping?

Good news!

We now offer shipped orders twice a month! To help manage the demands of daily operations, as well as plants in our care we will be offering two scheduled windows to accept Canada-wide orders requiring shipping each month.

Dates of our windows for accepting orders requiring shipping will be announced on our Facebook page and Instagram account. A window for orders to be placed will generally occur from Wednesday-Friday but can vary as we accommodate the demands of the nursery. After which the option to ship will be disabled. This will allow us time to prepare the orders to have them ready for the courier the following Monday and/or Tuesday.

Please follow our Facebook page and Instagram account for the most up-to-date announcements of up coming scheduled shipping.

For more info regarding shipping please see our shipping policy here


I missed a shipping window! Can I still place an order?

If you missed a shipping window all hope is not lost. Unfortunately, we cannot add on your order to the missed shipping window, but in about two weeks time we will offer it again and likely with something new you didn’t see before!

To make sure you don’t miss out again, look for the most up-to-date announcements and reminders on our Facebook page and Instagram account.


Why can’t I select an option to ship my order when I check out? I only see nursery pick up as an option.

If the option for shipping to your location isn’t offered at checkout, it is because you are outside a shipping window.   We continuously offer nursery pick up and we also offer pick up from events we attend.

We only take shipped orders during scheduled windows that are announced on our Facebook page and Instagram account.


Do you ship outside Canada?

 Unfortunately, at this time, we are not set up for international sales or delivery.


How do you ship your product?

We’ve put A LOT of effort into making these botanical treasures treasure worthy. That care and dedication doesn’t stop when its time to ship them off to their new homes!

All orders for shipping are carefully hand-packed, with each plant individually wrapped and carefully boxed to keep them as cozy and safe for travel as possible.

We also ship all of our plants that require growing medium IN growing medium! There is already enough stress placed on the plant when it changes homes, the last thing we want to do is take away its security blanket.

For more details regarding shipped orders please see our shipping policy here.


Do you ship year round?

No, we only hold our shipping windows as weather permits. We will not ship during winter months. The start and end of our shipping season is at the mercy of Mother Nature.

To get the most current information regarding shipping windows follow our Facebook page and Instagram account. 


How did you determine your shipping rates?

We care about our plants and we want them to have the best chance at a long happy life with you when you choose to order from us. Quality being our leading company value, we don’t cheap out when it comes to shipping our product. 

ALL of our packages are shipped Xpresspost with a guaranteed delivery date, on average, of 4 days or less to ensure your botanical treasures spend as little time in transit as possible.

In addition, while others choose to ship bare root to save on shipping costs, we ship all of our plants IN pots with their appropriate growing medium (unless they don’t require growing medium ie, air plants). This reduces the stress on the plant while being shipped. This allows them to acclimatize to their new surrounding more quickly and you can enjoy watching your new plant baby grow faster and stronger!

Lastly, the shipping rate includes all associated packing fees. We individually hand pack every item and order carefully. While we do not assume the risk associated with shipping orders once they leave our hands, we treat every order as if they were our own. 

For our shipping policy please click here

How soon after I get my plant(s) can I transplant?

Not all of our plants require transplanting but if you choose to do so wait at least a couple weeks and make sure the pot of choice is well suited for your plant baby.

Humans aren’t they only beings that require time to process change, your plant(s) just left a cozy environment with all its friends and came to a new place. Give it some time to adjust before changing the last familiar thing.


I got my order! Now what do I do?

 Whether you picked up your order or your shipment arrived, unpack the plants as soon as they arrive home. Water ONLY if dry and place in well lit area with indirect sunlight for 2-3 days before moving it to it’s final location.


Are you adding new product?

We are constantly looking for something unique and special for you to make apart of your “growing” collection. We may showcase new items that will be available for sale in the near future and/or announce when new product are available via our Facebook page and Instagram account.

We are also open to suggestions! If you’ve got a plant on your wish list you can’t find anywhere else, email us at  We will make note of it and add it to our botanical treasure hunting list!


Why are so many items out of stock?

A part of the magic of plants is that they require our care to flourish. Knowing this, while we do have an expansive selection of botanical treasures, we are not in the market of rehoming these growing treasures before they are ready. We want to give you and your new found gem the best chance at a long, beautiful life together. As a result, we only make plants available when they are ready to be rehomed.

We update our stock regularly as plants become ready for a new home so we encourage you to check back when you can. You can also follow our Facebook page and Instagram account for updates.


Why is there a limit on how many of each plant I can purchase?

We carry a variety of limited stock, hard to find items many of you would like to add to your collection. Unfortunately, some of our items are so hard to find that we’ve been notified that some our product is being purchased through our site and resold at an inflated cost through various other channels.

In order to protect our valued botanical treasure hunters and ensure more people are able to benefit from our limited selection, we have limited the number of each plant to a maximum of two on our online store. This way you can still purchase for you and a friend, but there is still some left for others who appreciate the beauty of our rare collection!


Can I pre-order items out of stock?

Unfortunately, we cannot take pre-orders or pre-payment for items out of stock. We are dealing with live product and they have a tendency to be unpredictable at times for various reasons. Ultimately, we want to make sure you are happy with your product and our service so we don’t promise what we aren’t sure we can offer.

We do update our stock weekly so we encourage you to check back on the website and look to our Facebook page and Instagram account for updates.


Can I come to the nursery?

Our nursery is not open to the public for unscheduled drop in visits. The bulk of our efforts are spent in the greenhouses tending to your future plant babies which is difficult to do with guests at our nursery. Our nursery, where all the magic really happens, is not currently set up for retail sales.

We are working towards creating a retail area, at our nursery, that will allow more of our fellow plant lovers to come browse our botanical treasures. In the meantime, if you’d like to marvel at our selection in person and tour our botanical treasure haven, you can book an appointment through our website here.


I placed an order for pick up at the Nursery, can I just take a “quick” look around when I pick up my order?

Unfortunately, nursery tours are ONLY available when booked through our website here. As a family business, we are limited in staff and human resources making it difficult to accommodate unscheduled nursery tours without taking away from other crucial tasks around the nursery.


Why is the availability for nursery visits so limited? 

Our first priority is the quality of our plants. Without happy plants, we wouldn’t have happy plant customers. In addition, we are a small family run business with limited staff; the majority of our time is spent tending to these growing gems and preparing them for your home. 

While it is a great deal of work to keep all these plants thriving, we absolutely love being surrounded by so much beautiful growing life in a sea botanical treasures of all sorts and sizes. Our days are beyond busy tending to these treasures but we do our best to set aside some time each week to share a little piece of our sanctuary with plant lovers who can appreciate it as much as we do.   

There are times where the demands of simultaneously running daily operations and shows/sales are strenuous, which limit our ability to offer more appointment times. Good things come to those who wait. When you are able to book a Nursery Visit it is a privilege and worth the wait.

You can check the booking portal regularly for available appointments as we add availability or cancellations occur here


I’m looking for a specific product but it isn’t on your online store. Do you have it? Can I order it?

If you are looking for something specific that isn’t on our online store please send an email to:

Some items are difficult to list for online sales due to certain characteristics and/or variations. If we have it we’ll let you know, if we don’t we can add it to our botanical treasures hunting list and try to get it in for you!


Why isn’t anybody answering my messages on Facebook or Instagram?

We get many inquires and requests daily through multiple channels: Facebook, Instagram and email. The majority of our efforts go to caring for the plants to make sure they are healthy and happy.  This way you can be sure you are purchasing quality plants.

Unfortunately, when we are out tending the nursery and its many botanical treasures, it makes it difficult to manage correspondences from the many avenues of communication. It is not an intentional act if we do not respond or take time to respond, we value all of our customers.

To try to help provide our valued customers and potential customers with answers while allowing us to focus on providing the care the plants need to thrive, we’ve created this FAQs page. If after reading through this page you are unable to find the answer to your question, please email us at info@crystalstarnursery.comand we’d be glad to assist you as soon as we can.