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Group Order Conditions

We understand that the practice of group orders was necessary to leverage buying power to help source out gems in areas that lacked the resources or supply from local nurseries. Which is why we are working hard to create a system that allows access to quality botanical treasures across Canada!

To ensure consistent, responsive service to our customers, group orders will be processed as an individual order. This means the following

  • Product limits will apply to the group order as an individual as it is difficult for our platform and ourselves to discern when orders are placed by a group or reseller. For more details on product limits click here
  • Anything requiring customer service for the order, will be dealt ONLY with the person who placed the order. Including, but not limited to, any inquiries, claims and subsequent resolutions regarding any item from the order. For example, should a replacement be required or a store credit issued it will be issued to the same shipping address the original order was sent to and any store credit will be issued in the name of the person who placed the order. 

We are working hard to bring in botanical treasures for plant lovers to enjoy in their private collections. But our work doesn't stop there as we offer peace of mind with our 7 Day Happy Plant guarantee. This is made possible by ensuring that time and care goes into each plant before making it available to be rehomed.

In order to benefit most from our collection, service and expertise, please consider placing your orders separately.