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Crystal Star Nursery Policies

Our Nursery is located at:

20815 2nd Concession, East Gwillimbury, Ontario, L9N 0G9

All orders placed for pick up from our nursery require a scheduled pick up time and date. This is important because we keep these little growing gems with their friends for as long as we possibly can to keep them happy before preparing them to head to a new home. 

After you successfully place an order in queue with us, you will be directed to an order summary page with instructions and link to book your pick up.

The link to the booking portal will display available pick up times up to 21 days from when your order was placed as orders should be retrieved within this window.

Pick up times are available first come first serve. Pick up times following a botanical treasure hunt can be limited as many eager plant parents are booking their growing gems' "Welcome Home!" day.

Due to the size of our location, we do need to regulate the number of pick ups throughout the day to ensure flow of traffic. Please select your pick up date and time from the availability provided.

When you have successfully booked your order pick up, you will receive a confirmation email of the date and time booked, instructions on what to do upon arrival at the nursery for pick up, along with a link if a reschedule is required.  

Please note:

- Do not arrive at the nursery for pick up without a confirmed pick up time and date.Same day pick up and next day pick up are not available as we are a small team processing the orders. The available pick up times will be provided in the link sent via email after you have successfully placed your order. 

- You will have 21 days to book and retrieve your order from the day it was placed. Orders not retrieve within 21 days will automatically be cancelled/refunded minus the 5% restocking/processing fee on the total amount collected.

- If you did not receive a confirmation email shortly after placing your order and you have already checked your Junk Folder, please reach out to us as there may be an error in your email on file and you may miss future important notifications regarding your order. 

Do we have an upcoming event in your area?! Here's your chance to secure some precious botanical treasures AND check out even more botanical treasures we're looking to rehome in person! 

Placing an order online to pick up at an upcoming event is simple and easy! Just use the following steps:

1)Check out the event details to make sure you will be able to attend the event within opening hours to retrieve an order, along with any other important details such as admissions fees if they apply. 

2)Add some botanical treasures from our website into your cart.

3)Follow prompts for checking out. At the "Order retrieval method" section of checking out select the desired location/event you'd like to pick up your orderProceed with the rest of the checkout process until you arrive at your order status page/order confirmation page. Here you will be able to book your desired pick up time from the event! 

4)Patiently await the event date and come visit our stand/booth to get your new botanical treasures!

**If you would like to have somebody other than yourself retrieve your order for you, please forward them the confirmation email and send us an email to let us know who will be picking up for you.

Please Note:

-If you do not see the option to pick up at a certain event during the check out process, it means we are not currently accepting orders for pick up at that event at that time. We generally accept orders for a specific event 1-2 weeks before the event up until a few days before the event day so we have enough time to prepare orders for pick up. 

-Event order pick ups will be subject to entrance fees if applicable. Entrance fees are determined by the event host and can vary.

-Orders not retrieved from the event will have one week to arrange pick up from the nursery or shipping/delivery if available (fee applicable) before the order will be cancelled/refunded minus the 5% restocking/processing fee on the total amount collected

Shipping is available for dry goods year-round and for plants when weather permits between Spring-Fall. 

All of our orders* will be parcel shipped via a trusted courier service (eg. Canada Post, UPS, Purolator or FedEX). Orders placed with live goods/plants will be shipped using a courier that offers an estimated transit time of 4 days or less. Additional fees may apply depending on rates of service to shipping address or for requests to upgrade delivery service. 

Orders will be shipped out Canada-wide on Mondays and Tuesdays of each week(excluding holidays) and to the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas on Wednesdays. This is to ensure your newest botanical treasures spends as little time in transit as possible.

All orders, when shipped, will be provided a tracking number. Please make the necessary arrangements to greet your newest plant babies upon arrival with the warmest of welcomes by removing them promptly from the package.

If your order has not yet shipped and you require us to delay shipping, we are able to delay the shipping date, by request, for one week. Additional delays will be subject to a $14/week extra care fee. 

We pack all our orders with care to ensure they have the absolute best chance to arrive safe and sound to their new home. We choose to ship our plants IN growing medium (unless, of course, the plant does not require it… ie. air plants) to reduce the amount of stress placed on the plant when re-homed. Consider it a security blanket, something familiar in a new place.

While we pack all of our orders with the utmost care, we are shipping live, perishable products. When placing an order to be shipped you are assuming the risks involved with shipping live goods. This includes, but is not limited to, leaf damage, and damage incurred due to mishandled, delayed or lost packages by the shipping company, all of which are NOT covered by our 7 Day Healthy Plant guarantee. Due to the live nature of our products we are unable to purchase or provide any insurance or coverage on parcels shipped.  

If your package is lost please reach out to us so we can assist you in submitting a lost parcel claim, however please note that the couriers will not accept claims for damaged live goods.

Parcels that have shipped to the customer and are returned to sender or not retrieved are not eligible for refund.

Any additional shipping fees incurred due to incorrect and/or incomplete shipping info provided to us resulting in an address change or failed delivery will be forwarded to the customer to collect payment. No further sales will be processed unless accounts are settled and in good standing.

*Botanical treasure lottery plants requiring shipping will be shipped via a trusted courier with Expedited or Express service and cannot be combined to ship with any other purchases. 

Please Note: We can only accept orders to areas that an estimated delivery time of 4 days or less is available. If you live in a rural area where this is not an option, we will contact you via email with your options regarding the order and extra fees may apply.

Add-on orders

Multiple orders can be combined for shipping to save you additional shipping fees for $10/order and must meet the following criteria

• One current placed with the "Canada Wide Standard Flat Rate Shipping" applied (Usually first order placed should have the "Canada Wide Standard Flat Rate Shipping" applied)
• Add-on orders are placed under the same account by the same individual and shipped to the same address
• Previous order has not yet been prepared and processed for shipping

Due to the nature of our product we are unable to accept returns, refunds or exchanges on orders that have been fulfilled, picked up, shipped and/or delivered.

That being said, we stand behind what we offer. This is why we have a 7 Day Healthy Plant Guarantee.

To find out more details click here. 

Orders that have not yet been processed, picked up, shipped or delivered can be cancelled in part or whole with monies received returned to method of payment minus a 5% restocking/processing fee from the total amount collected. 

We give each and every one of our botanical treasures plenty of TLC to ensure they are in tip-top shape before sending them off to new homes. Because of this, we are confident in offering a 7 Day Healthy Plant Guarantee*.

If we find that the health of your purchase is not up to our standard within 7 days of receiving your product we will make it right! At our discretion, we will issue an exchange or store credit. 

*Some exclusions apply, see details below.

To submit a claim:

To submit a claim please email the following information to within 7 days of purchase. We will do our best to respond to you promptly, but it may take up to 3-5 business days.

• Date of Purchase along with proof of purchase, date of order receival and method of retrieval (ie pick up, shipping or delivery)
• Description of concern
• Photos of the entire plant along with pot and of the concern.

Exclusions and additional details:

1. Any in-person sales are final sales.

2. Damage incurred due to mishandled, delayed, or lost packages as a result of the carrier, leaf damage and damage incurred due to improper care is not eligible for claim under the 7 Day Healthy Plant Guarantee. 

3. Return shipping and shipping fees are not covered.

4. All dormant plants or bulbs are not covered by this guarantee.

5. Proof of purchase required.

6. Offered on CSN plants purchased directly through CSN only.

7. All Botanical Treasure Lottery, discounted, sale and/or clearance products are not covered by this guarantee and are final sale.

8. Plants that have been transplanted within 7 days of receiving the plant will be voided from this guarantee.

9. Care of plant has changed hands prior to being received by customer who placed the order, eg. order was picked up by alternate person or business, or plants were shipped to alternate person/address and cared for until owner was able to retrieve order.

10. We reserve the right to decline any claims.

Do you have a plant gem from us that isn't doing well and doesn't fall under this guarantee? Don't worry, reach out to us and we'll do our best to provide you with tips and tricks to help get your botanical treasure happy and growing again. 

We understand that the practice of group orders was necessary to leverage buying power to help source out gems in areas that lacked the resources or supply from local nurseries. Which is why we are working hard to create a system that allows access to quality botanical treasures across Canada!

To ensure consistent, responsive service to our customers, group orders will be processed as an individual order. This means the following

• Product limits will apply to the group order as an individual as it is difficult for our platform and ourselves to discern when orders are placed by a group or reseller. For more details on product limits click here.

• Anything requiring customer service for the order, will be dealt ONLY with the person who placed the order. Including, but not limited to, any inquiries, claims and subsequent resolutions regarding any item from the order. For example, should a replacement be required or a store credit issued it will be issued to the same shipping address the original order was sent to and any store credit will be issued in the name of the person who placed the order. 

We are working hard to bring in botanical treasures for plant lovers to enjoy in their private collections. But our work doesn't stop there as we offer peace of mind with our 7 Day Happy Plant guarantee. This is made possible by ensuring that time and care goes into each plant before making it available to be re-homed.

In order to benefit most from our collection, service and expertise, please consider placing your orders separately.

We have developed a certain appreciation for the hard to find/quirky/funky/stunning/awkward botanical treasures out there and it would seem as though you have too! 

Plants are special and the difficult to find ones are just that much more alluring. While we are doing our best to source out these botanical treasures for you to enjoy in your personal jungles, the reality remains that many of the items are limited stock. 

A hot topic amongst the plant community is a concern for resellers and inflated costs. In an effort to do our part with this concern and to make our plants accessible to more of you, we have and will continue to implement and enforce product limits on limited stock, high demand items. This way we can allow for more people to benefit from our unique collection and service. 

What does this mean?

• A Maximum of 2 per *limited stock, high demand plant per variety is allowed per customer including subsequent orders until the item(s) is no longer deemed limited stock. Once the limit of 2 of a certain plant has been reached, any future orders of this plant within the same calendar year may be removed from the order and refunded without warning.

• A Maximum of 1 per *premium limited stock, high demand plant per variety is allowed per customer including subsequent orders until the item(s) is no longer deemed premium limited stock. Once the limit of 1 of a premium limited stock plant of a certain variety has been reached, any future orders of this plant within the same calendar year may be removed from the order and refunded without warning. 

*Limited Stock plants and Premium Limited Stock plants will be indicated on the product page.