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Preparing for a Treasure Hunt

Whether its your first time or your returning for another round of Botanical Treasure hunting with us, I've create this guide to help you navigate the botanical treasure frenzy that ensues a restock. If you haven't already discovered the plant crazy community in Canada, you're about to!

What to Expect

We'll have trove of botanical treasures available during our restocks! While we do our best to make as many of each gem available as possible, high demand and limited supply play a large factor in how fast items sell out, some even in minutes. 

Our restocks have been described as intense and exhilarating, but it can be overwhelming and disappointing if you don't know what to expect. This experience is also largely affected by the products you're seeking. If you are after highly sought after/rare botanical treasures then you can expect them to go quick, but if you choose to hunt off the beaten path you may find there is somewhat less urgency to the experience. 

We understand this is not an ideal way to plant shop for many and our hope is in the future, it will be a relaxing experience as a portion of the demand is met with every restock. 

It's wonderful to see so many CSN gems find new homes, we are also disheartened to hear when people are unable to claim a wishlist plant as their own. We have product limits in place in an effort try spread the plant love further and my parents are always growing more and hunting down more, so you'll have more chances in the future. 

Well there you have it! A long winded way to say: Restocks are fast paced, but full of gems! 

But don't stop reading now! We haven't even got to the good stuff yet. If you're still interested in joining the ultimate botanical treasure hunt, you're going to need a strategy!


I, of course, can't give you a strategy as there is no one way to go about it, but I can provide you with some key pointers and let you spread your wings from there. 

  • Get informed!
    • We may not be accepting orders online while we prepare for out next restock, but the website is still open for you to review policies, updates and all other pages. We welcome you to get to know us and who your future plant gems are coming from. All the good stuff, including the policies you are accepting when you place an order with us, can be found as quick links at the footer (bottom) of any page including this one. So just scroll on down and click away! 
  • Create an account with us/Review your account details
    • You don't have to have an account with us to place an order, but having one can expedite your check out process as your personal information should already be entered and payment info is all that's left to do.
    • If you already have an account, make sure you review your account details prior to the restock to avoid address errors or any other mishap that could affect your service after the an order is placed. 
  • There is NO Cart Reserve
    • Item(s) placed in your cart are NOT secured/claimed until payment is processed and you have checked out.
    • I know this is silly, you'd have to be pretty bold in the real world to snag an item out of somebody's shopping cart, so why is it allowed here? Unfortunately, this is not a function that is built into the platform we use, but has been brought to their attention. While it is easy to propose solutions, my parents can barely locate the period on a keyboard and I went to school for something VERY unrelated to computer coding, so for now, the best we can do is be very clear: Items can still sell out while in your cart, the only way to truly secure item(s) in your cart is to check out and process payment. 
  • Make a botanical treasure hunting map!
    • Save yourself some valuable time but creating your wishlist prior to the restock going live.
    • The day before our restock goes live, we'll be posting on our Facebook and Instagram Stories the list of plants that will be available at opening! This way you can create your very own, personalized botanical treasure hunting map!
  • *Whispers* Two words: Search bar
    • There is a search function built into our website that could save you precious time (depending on what you're hunting for). 
    • Look for it yourself, I've said enough.
    • We can combine orders for $10/order
      • To help you save on multiple shipping fees, you will see the option to "Add on order to previous" for $10 when selecting your shipping method at check out. 
      • For detail regarding add on orders click here. 
    • Product Limits Exist!
      • Product limits are there to deter resellers and give you a chance to claim a gem for your collection, but they can slow you down if you're not careful.
      • If the product has a product limit set it will be indicated in the product page along with specification if the limit is 1 or 2 for that particular product. If you somehow add more than the indicated number to your cart, you will not be allowed to check out until you've corrected your cart quantity. 
      • If there is no indication, purchase to your heart's content.
      • For more details regarding product limits click here
      • Have you method of payment ready!
        • We accept our Gift cards,Mastercard and Visa as payment methods through our website. 
        • If you are unable to pay via Mastercard or Visa, you can purchase a Gift Card prior to the restock going live via E-transfer. Just send me an email and I can help set you up. 
        • Take the road less travelled
          • Steer clear of the trending plants and give the underdogs a chance.
          • There is generally a buzz for certain plants, but we've got so many different gems looking to find new homes, each special in their own way. You'll also greatly increase your odds of making it to the checkout with your cart unscathed...  
        • Treat it like a game
          • You win some, you lose some. You may secure your wish lists items and come out feeling like a winner and you may not, but at the end of the day as long as your hearts still beating and lungs still breathing; life is good. 
          • We plan to have restocks throughout the year so there will be more chances in store for you, not to mention there will be something new each time. 

        Treasure Hunt Day

        On the day of the hunt, there are a few key items to note:

        • Timezone Reminder
          • Remember all of the times we announce our in eastern standard time. If you live in a different time zone, make sure to account for this
        • Go time
          • No passwords are necessary to start shopping, see products or collections. Everything is set on a timer to go live at the time specified, so just refresh your page to access the goods. 
        • Checking out Errors
          • If at check out you are prompted with a notice that an item or more is no longer available, it means that it has already sold out. 
          • If we had more to offer, we would have listed it, so unfortunately there is not much more we can do for you. You'll have to decide at this point to continue with your order to secure what is left in your cart, try to go back for something different, or try again another time. 

        Follow up

        The hunt is over and you can finally sigh a breath of relief! Our hope is, whether or not your list is complete, that you were able to secure some botanical treasures to look forward to. But there are still a few things to do and know after placing your order: 

        • Confirm receipt of confirmation email
          • Immediately/shortly after successfully placing an order with us you should receive a confirmation email with your order details. If you do not see this email, check your junk mail. If you still do not see this email reach out to us, so we can look into your order/account and ensure you receive other important updates regarding your order down the road (ie. Order updates/shipment details)
        • Special order requests/Shipping requests
          • There is a section in the shopping cart of our website just prior to checking out to leave a note with your order if necessary, but if you didn't have time just send me an email and I'll add it for you afterwards. 
          • Orders will be shipped out using a method with an estimated transit time of 4 days or less by default. If you would prefer to upgrade your shipping and cover the additional fee, leave a note with your order and send an email so we can reach out to you when your order is ready to be processed. 
        • Be patient
          • I know after such a rush, you'll be excited to meet your new CSN gems, but we receive an overwhelming number of orders during these restocks. Several factors affect our lead times getting orders out to you including limited staff and shipping on Monday-Wednesday of each week only(excluding holidays and Wednesday only to the GTA). But the most contributing factor is the care that is put into packaging EVERY order and isn't a step we are willing to sacrifice. 
          • Orders can take 1-6 weeks to process depending on when you placed your order and the weather, but you can rest assured your order is in good hands until we can get it out to you. 

        Well there you have it! The ultimate botanical treasure hunting guide! 

        Happy botanical treasure hunting,