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The hunt is on for your next botanical treasure(s)...

We're always on the look out for new gems, adding new product and doing lots of growing at the nursery to restock as often as we can. Now that you know where to find us, check back often to see what's new or pass the time with our botanical treasures. 

We're so glad you found us and we can't wait to start crossing off plants from your plant wish list, including some you didn't even know you wanted! But if you've got some questions or want to discover more about us these links are for you. 

Up Coming 2020 Events

Date Show Location 
 February 8 & 9 Southern Ontario Orchid Society (SOOS) Show

Toronto Botanical Gardens 

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February 29 - March 1 Royal Botanical Garden Orchid Show

 Royal Botanical Gardens 

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March 21 & 22


London Orchid Society (LOS) Show

Mother Theresa Catholic S.S

Show details

March 28 & 29


Orchidexpo 2020

CEGEP de Maisonneuve

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April 4 & 5 


Ochidofolie 2019

Pavilion Envirtron Quebec 

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April 18 & 19


Toronto Artists Orchid Society (TAOS) Show

Centre for Immigrants Community Service 

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April 25 & 26


Ottawa Orchid Society (OOS) Show

RA Recreation Center 

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TBA Toronto Flower Market 


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August 21- September 7 Canadian National Exhibition 

The Ex

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